Why Reputation Management Has Become An Increased Concern?

Reputation Management has become an increased concern in the year 2000 and beyond.  Actually it has always been a problem, but now with the rise of the internet and everything moving online it really has become an issue; I would call it a SUPER ISSUE!


Because people can hide behind whatever mask they want and become whoever they want to be and slander you brand into a wet slimy mess.

Also, it is very difficult to track people who hide behind a hidden online identity and say whatever you wish.  Actually some small businesses who feel threatened by your online presence and competition may actually be behind many cases.

Recently I was attacked inside the YouTube platform as classed as a scammer because the business I was affiliated with closed down and decided not to pay outstanding accounts.

Actually I was attacked on a few angles.  They hit my website and two YouTube channels.  Yes, I had to fight back using my very own online management reputation management skills by blocking all the offenders inside YouTube and passing them off as spammers.

What you need to be aware of is usually this type of person likes to attack others online and if you don’t play their games they will usually move onto the next victim.

So, it’s always best not to write comments back and put more fuel on the fire, because they are looking for a bite and will use this against you.  It’s how they play their game.  You only have to look inside certain thread in YouTube to see this.

Also, the language is absolutely shocking and I can’t believe that is actually allowed as there are lots of young teens and children inside the platform (website)

As far as reputation management goes online there are now plenty of wonderful services springing up all over the web ready and waiting to help you keep your brand healthy, strong and most of all safe.


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