Top 5 video games you should definitely have

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For the satisfaction of most people who does have not much information on the latest happenings and is completely in the blank regarding the latest in the world of video 61YaPIhuq8L._SL450_gaming today, here is the list of games you should definitely put your interest to.

• BioShock Infinite
It features different type of environments that the player needs to survive provided with different weapons to survive each with different purpose in different situations. Offers a much open space which enable players to use different type of play styles in combat. And skylines enable players to travel with great speed
A massive MMO third person shooter

• Shattered haven
An adventure horror title ha got you solving environmental puzzles in a post apocalyptic world. Grays an unusual and powerful type of living dead that spreads its number even without the infection. This game is played in dozens of level in pursuit of you kind, which are scattered across the region; Pass the game by branching your story paths that result in several outcomes, and also completing bonus objectives to reach higher scores and gold markers

• Army of Two (The Devil’s Cartel) Overkill Edition
This is a third person shooter video which showcases Alpha and Bravo, taking down the baddies and having business as usual, and added into the mix is a new female character. And still in the military are the two protagonists and are now battling against a Mexican drug cartel

51QEFluEJEL._SL450_• God of War: Ascension (w/dualshock 3)
A prequel to the popular Gods of War video game series. On the seventh release in the game series the details of kratos is revealed with the initial betrayal by Ares, and also the source of his rage. The game offers an eight player online multiplayer support, new combat and puzzling mechanics, bluetooth headset support and brand new enemies to battle.

Make sure that the picking of video games you want should give you the thrill and the adrenalin rush that comes within it.

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