C-Clear Lens Cleaner: An Innovation At Its Best

Eyeglasses are supposed to provide clearer vision to its wearer. However, there are lots of instances when one cannot maximize his or her glasses because it is foggy. This is not good for the eye’s health and is not helpful for the person. Things he or she needs to see and read becomes impossible. Read the following article to learn more about anti-fog.

Today, there is a solution to the problems of eye glasses being fogged. C-Clear lens cleaner is for eyeglasses, sports masks and goggles, military masks and goggles and safety glasses used in industry. It started in 1977 and has already served individuals and small to fortune 100 companies.

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Here are some quick facts about C-Clear:

• C-Clear has been proven to work in the most extreme conditions. From Mt. Everest and Antarctica expeditions to military use on night vision goggles and chemical safety masks. It is safe to use C-Clear lens cleaner on any plastic or glass surfaces including polycarbonate lenses with special coatings.

• C-Clear WILL NOT harm any glass or plastic surfaces or damage any type of surface coatings including anti-scratch, polarized and anti reflective coatings (anti reflective (“AR”) coatings on eyeglasses will impede C-Clear’s performance. It will help but not stop fogging on AR coated lenses).

• C-Clear is one of the World’s Leading Anti-Fog, Anti-Static Cleaning Solutions! C-Clear is a proprietary solution that cleans and prevents glass or plastic from fogging, attracting dust and small particulate to the treated surfaces and the gel fills in minor scratches. C-Clear anti-fog, anti-static lens cleaner for safety glasses, eyeglasses, goggles and masks.

• C-Clear has been lab tested and proven to be safe to use on glass, polycarbonate lenses and other plastic lenses that have been treated with anti-glare and other type coatings and tinting.

• C-Clear has been used on many lenses over and over again and it has not removed the anti-glare, tinting, polarization, or other coatings on any type of lenses. Lens wipes that contain heavy amounts of alcohol and other chemicals are the known culprits of damaging lenses with heavy use.

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