What do forklift drivers do?

Are you thinking of becoming a forklift driver wondering what they actually do?  Forklift licence Perth helps you understand the job. Forklift operators drive around forklifts, of course, moving materials around warehouses, storage yards, factories, construction sites and other work sites. The machine has a hydraulic lifting mechanism, and forks for moving heavy and large objects.

The work can be very repetitive although seem to be easy. It is really hard work. Not all things can be lifted by hard work. You may have to carry heavy objects. This will entail you to be in awkward positions like stooping, crawling, and kneeling.

You might be exposed in extreme temperatures. Also, depending on what kind of materials you are moving, you could be around fumes, odors, loud noises, or harmful chemicals. In addition, most forklift drivers work 8-hour or longer shifts but that does not follow that your job is a nine-to-fiver. In places where customers are around like groceries, most forklift work is done after grocery hours. Shifts can be around the clock if the operation is 24 hours.

Considered a “hazardous occupation” according to the Fair Labor Standards Act, like with any big machine, accidents happen. However, these can usually be avoided by observing proper operating procedures and safety practices. You will need to be constantly vigilant and aware of your surroundings to keep yourself and your co-workers safe.
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